Cyber Analytics at Scale

We are software developers and engineers specializing 
in scalable data analytics within the cyber domain



CyberStitch enables cyber security analysts to build automated security workflows with real-time access to cyber data. CyberStitch alerts security analysts to threats and allows them to choose cyber defense actions.


Designed from the ground up to be secure. All communications within CyberStitch are encrypted and utilize mutual TLS authentication and granular data access controls.


CyberStitch enables access to systems and network devices using a unified, extensible API. CyberStitch includes a rich set of data access methods and can also be extended using an intuitive plugin system. This detection and prevention of cyber intrusions cohesively across disparate organizational roles.

Meet SkyCubed


Skycubed is a San Diego based, Veteran Owned Small Business. Founded by former Department of Defense technologists, Skycubed is committed to helping customers turn data into capability at scale. Our staff includes software developers and engineers who have experience architecting, developing, and maintaining large distributed systems for data analytic processing. 


We have hands-on experience developing scalable ingest pipelines, batch and stream processing, cyber situational awareness, and cyber analytics development. Our domain experience includes Computer Network Defense (CND), Vulnerability Analysis, Incident Response, Malware Detection, and Cyber Intrusions.


Modern enterprises face an ever-growing set of cyber adversaries. As organizations become increasingly dependent on network connected applications to generate business value, cyber security has become critical to business success. As such, organizations have adopted security tools and technologies to combat cyber threats. These tools include Security Information and Event Management Systems (SIEMs), Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Firewalls, Log Aggregations Systems, and Data Analytics Platforms. While these tools enable prevention and mitigation of individual cyber threats, they are often provided by multiple vendors and fragmented by isolated subject matter experts which hinders comprehensive security analysis of the enterprise as a whole. 


While every organization wants a turn-key, fully automated security solution, automated analysis is only one part of the Network Defense Lifecycle. Realistic network defense is a collaborative effort involving communications between the human network in addition to utilizing automated analysis within the machine network. CyberStitch unifies and simplifies collaboration throughout the Network Defense Lifecycle.

CyberStitch includes a rich set of pre-built agents which provide valuable cyber analytic capabilities. Analytics developers can extend the open-source CyberStitch Agent API to develop custom analytics to further enhance the enterprise’s security posture.



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